A Workplace Wellness Revolution

Imagine a workplace that embodies the term "corporate wellness."  What would a company like that look like?  How much better would it perform?  What skills and habits would its employees practice daily and how much more healthy, engaged, and productive would they be? 

Great companies value and prioritize the health and well-being of their employees by creating a culture that inspires and nudges individuals towards healthy and mindful decisions.  They understand that an environment that encourages healthy eating, exercise, and regeneration habits elicits improvements in employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance.  Such organizations have less work hours lost due to illness and pain problems, and ultimately outperform and outlast their competitors.

An Exercise and Nutrition Coaching Curriculum for Organizations  

Creating a dynamic, engaging, and health-conscious corporate culture starts with the health and performance of its individual members.  From the C-Suite to the entry level employees, our state-of-the-art, scalable, and customizable Exercise and Nutrition Coaching Curriculum will ensure every individual in the organization is able to learn, and more importantly, practice eating and exercising optimally for health, productivity, and performance.

Exercise Coaching Curriculum

Customizable and scalable personal exercise coaching

Nutriton Coaching Curriculum

Nutrition education and practice with individual coaching

Group Exercise Classes

Moving better together

By combining our Nutrition Coaching Program and our Online Fitness Training Program you would be igniting a "workplace wellness revolution" and providing your organization with an incomparable competitive advantage.  In addition, our coaches can help you incorporate various Group MSB Classes such as FRC mobility, Kinstretch, Metabolic Density, and Strength Training Classes as well as specific Wellness Workshops throughout the year.

We would love to sit down (or walk?) with you to discuss a corporate wellness strategy that fits your needs and circumstances and helps you transform your organization into a healthy, productive, and high-performance culture.