Practicing Good Nutrition for Optimal Health and Performance 

Are you making poor decisions when it comes to your diet because you are lacking the basic knowledge to eat well?  Possibly.  Nutrition science is complex and confusing (and I’ll personally help you cut through the confusion).  But more likely, you may not have, and thus need to build, the requisite skills and strategic daily practices to accomplish your goals.  You need a praxis - a system of thought AND action that challenges you day in and day out to attend to the small things that yield the biggest results, and someone holding you accountable for these thoughts and actions. You need…


A Comprehensive Nutrition Curriculum AND Personal Coaching Program

The foundation of my Nutrition Coaching Program is a nutrition curriculum and coaching platform developed by Precision Nutrition (and available ONLY to PN Certified professionals) that delivers weekly habits, supported by daily lessons and assignments with on-going coach support (from me), to help you not only eat better now — but also build the skills necessary to eat better for life.

How it works

My Nutrition Coaching Program will help you practice simple tasks, strategically, sequentially, segmentally, and with support and supplementary coaching from me (a PN Certified Nutrition Coach).  Through daily emails, habits, lessons, and assignments, I’ll ask you to experiment, explore, experience, see what works, get real-time feedback, track your progress, gather data, and reflect on various thought exercises.

The Program is divided into 2-week habit blocks featuring the following: 

Every day:

  • You get an email or log into a personal home-page (a "Today" page, that tells you what to do today).

  • You get a lesson to read. Lessons are like blog articles - short, informative pieces that ask questions, present ideas, explain why you're doing something etc.

  • You get a habit - a small task - to do.

Every week: 

  • You get an assignment. Occasionally, lessons have assignments - questions designed to get you thinking, imagining, processing, and reflecting on the lessons. Answering a question or two at the end of the lesson encourages you to actively engage with the material, helping it to "stick." Assignments are also excellent opportunities for coaching. I will regularly provide feedback and guidance around these lessons and assignments.

  • You measure and record your progress (this can be body composition metrics or other performance indicators such as energy levels, adherence to an exercise program or sleep quality).

Every 2-weeks:

  • You get a new habit to practice (for the next two weeks and beyond). The idea is that we introduce one habit at a time, give you time to practice and embody this habit, before adding and integrating a new habit. In this way, habits (and lessons) are cumulative (each habit/lesson builds the skills necessary for future habits/lessons) and progressive (some habits are foundational "anchor" habits, while others are more challenging, "stretch" or "experiment" habits).

  • You get a private 30min coaching session with me (scheduled here). You can add additional 30min coaching sessions anytime.


  • You interface with me, who will be with you every step of the way, gently nudging you back on track if you lose focus or fall behind, while providing professional guidance and help with any of the lessons, assignments, technology etc.

With my Nutrition Coaching Program you can feel confident knowing you will get the most up-to-date, road-tested, tried-and-true nutrition and lifestyle coaching strategies and tools available today!  Click below to book a free consultation, see our Nutrition Curriculum and Coaching Program pricing, or see how you can combine our Nutrition Curriculum and Coaching Program with one of our many MSB praxes.   

Want to see the entire curriculum at a glance?

Want to bring our Nutrition Coaching Program into your organization?

We do too!  Imagine a workplace culture that embodies the term "corporate wellness."  What would a company like that look like?  How much better would it perform?  We would love to sit down with you to discuss how we can transform your organization into a healthy, productive, and high-performance system.