Praxis refers to the process by which an idea or skill is enacted, embodied, or realized.  We learn, integrate, and cultivate mastery over our thoughts and actions through the conscious and consistent application of various praxes.  When we learn something new and then do something with that learning, we start to encode that learning as a "way of being."  This is when learning (knowledge acquisition) becomes development (knowledge application).   Therefore, we not only need the relevant and specific information to make progress towards a valued goal, we need the praxis - the process of integrating and applying the best information, behaviours, and skills available.

My 3 Pillar Praxis

To shine forth or reveal your deepest, fullest, most authentic self requires some focused attention towards your physical and psychological health and wellbeing.  If you wish to shift to a whole new level of personal and professional performance, there are, at minimum, three key areas (Pillars) that I believe are central to your success.  My goal is to provide extraordinary, customized programs and services in each of these three areas with multiple points of entry, engagement, and levels of complexity and commitment.  While you may wish to engage with only one of my three pillars initially in order to scratch a particular itch or achieve a specific goal, my unique competitive advantage in Calgary lies in the skillful intersection and integration of all three pillars - innovative movement education and training, an unparalleled nutrition curriculum and coaching program, and a unique application of personality science and developmental coaching.       


Pillar #1: Movement

Our movement system is the biological/physical foundation of our "self-as-instrument." A regular movement practice that enhances the quality and capacity of our movement system is paramount to our personal and professional effectiveness, presence, and performance.



Pillar #2:


Food is much more than just fuel for our bodies. It's information. It's a story about what we value. Every dietary decision we make sends a message - make this protein, release that hormone, trigger this process etc. - to direct and shape our health, energy, productivity, and performance.



Pillar #3: Coaching

Coaching is a human communication and change process dedicated to enabling profound and lasting transformations in our self-defined goals. It encourages and stimulates us to perform at a higher level while accelerating our development and unleashing our potential.