More than just workouts and classes....

We cut through the latest fads and gimmicks to offer industry-leading health and fitness evaluations, movement assessments, monitoring tools, nutrition coaching, and training programs that enhance the way you look, feel, and function.

More than just sets and reps....

We evaluate your postural alignment, functional movement patterns and muscle performance to help you understand your body and train more effectively.

More than just fat loss and strength training....

We integrate the science of human movement and physiology with the art of coaching and personal development/change psychology to not only change your body, but change your life!

Welcome to Playfit Health and Performance Inc.

It is clear that Scott keeps up with new information and shares this with his clients in ways that suit us best. More importantly, Scott is not swayed by trends and one-method-suits-all theory. He works with you and your body and mind, and keeps you on your toes and optimistically planning new goals. Scott works well with those that are already very active to compliment and strengthen them for the activities they enjoy.
— Rosemary Marr
I have Scott to thank for getting me interested in getting back into the gym. I was suffering from a very bad case of “no motivation syndrome” earlier this year and decided I needed some inspiration. Enter Scott - he’s knowledgable, has a great sense of humour, and occasionally likes to sing along to the music (luckily he has a pretty good voice). More seriously, he has helped me address and improve some alignment and postural issues before they become more serious. I’m grateful to have Scott on my team.
— Carolyn Poole