Welcome to Playfit Health and Performance

By integrating the sciences of human movement, nutrition and personality psychology with the art of coaching and human development, we strive to help you understand and improve your character, envision and design a radically healthier, more meaningful and productive future, and to learn and practice evidence-based exercise and nutrition habits to help make that future a reality.

Character Coaching

Our personality frames our perceptions and provides a lens through which to see and plan our lives.  The more we can understand and reason about our personality, the better chance we have to find and pursue a direction we value, tell coherent stories about ourselves and others, and to take commensurate steps to meet our goals and develop our character.

Movement Coaching 

Excellent health, fitness and performance depends on movement - how well and how often we move.  Whether we call it exercise, fitness training, or strength and conditioning, our goal is to improve our posture and movement system in order to optimize our health and function, body composition, and performance (in both our personal and professional lives).   

Nutrition Coaching 

Food is much more than just fuel for our bodies.  It's information.  It's a story about who we are and what we value.  Every food choice we make sends a message - make this protein, release this hormone, trigger this process, suppress that one.  Every decision is an opportunity to direct, shape, and remake our health, well-being, body composition, and performance.