Personal MSB Training 

Our expertise and competitive advantage in Calgary is the application of our MSB philosophy and the quality of our assessment, programming, and coaching, all aimed at helping you to achieve movement system balance and your desired health and performance.  Our coaches are highly educated (certified and experienced) in both the science of human movement and in the art of coaching and change psychology and can work with you privately (1 on 1) or semi-privately (with up to 4 personal training clients per session).  Through careful screens, assessments, observation, and quality coaching, we strive to meet you where you are, help you envision and reach for where you want to be, and keep you progressing towards your ideal health and performance.

Look, Feel, and Function Your Best 

Our Personal MSB Training Programs are designed to help you improve how you look, feel, and function generally, and more specifically help you to experience the following intersection of results:


Improved Body Composition

Improved Health and Wellbeing

Improved Function and Performance

  • Decrease fat mass (if desired)
  • Increase muscle mass (if desired)
  • Increase bone density
  • Improve how clothes fit 
  • Insert your goal here: __________________
  • Improved mobility (usable flexibility)
  • Improved strength, stability, and balance
  • Increased cardiovascular capacity/endurance
  • Improved athletic/sport performance
  • Insert your goal here: __________________
  • Increased energy and productivity
  • Less aches and pain problems
  • More positive emotion and confidence
  • Increased vitality and libido
  • Insert your goal here: __________________

What Can I Expect From A Personal MSB Training Session With Us?

The focus of every session with us is to enhance your movement system balance in some fashion.  That may mean that we need to first focus on cleaning up movement restrictions (through soft tissue and FRC® mobility work) and preparing the body to move efficiently and effectively.  Once that is achieved (to an acceptable level) we progress into intelligently and specifically selected and periodized (the process of progressing the exercise selection, volume and intensity) movements/exercises that challenge each individual appropriately.  We monitor and correct technique to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each movement set and make sure the challenge is appropriate so that the right change (desired adaptation) is happening at the right pace.  The specific exercises and timing of each session will be different for each individual depending on their goals and other factors, but the general pattern or flow of each session will look something like this: 

  • Removing restrictions with foam roll and soft tissue work (if needed)
  • Movement preparation (physiological readiness) and Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®) mobility work
  • Reactive work (speed, agility, quickness, power) - especially but not limited to athletic populations
  • Resistance Training (loaded movement training, strength, stability etc.)
  • Energy System Development (aerobic or anaerobic cardiovascular work)
  • Recovery/Regeneration (stretching, breathing, shift to parasympathetic nervous system dominance)