Daily Workouts Delivered to Your Inbox

We deliver industry-leading, customizable and scalable workouts right to your phone/tablet/computer.  Your Playfit Performance Coach will work with you remotely to make sure you are staying on track, performing the movements correctly, and enjoying the experience of crushing your fitness and performance goals.

What can you expect?

Every day, you will receive a 'Workout Card' and a 'Review Card' (for tracking purposes) on the 'Today Screen' of your dashboard.  The Workout Card contains the workout options and exercises.  First, you will select from the following options: 

  • Full workout
  • At-home workout (minimal equipment) 
  • Quick workout (don't have much time)
  • Doing my own workout (*you may select this if you are working with one of our Coaches in one of our Personal Fitness Coaching Programs (1-3x/week) or have been prescribed additional exercise protocols based on your goals and MSB evaluation.

If you select one of the first three options, the exercise routine (with a complete list of instructions including photos and an HD quality demonstration video) will immediately appear.  You can even modify some individual exercises within the routine by choosing a variation that suits your ability.  And if you need further modification, you can always reach out to your Coach to help customize the process.

Each day, you will also receive a Review Card.  By selecting "YES" or "NO" to the question "Did you work out or actively recover today?" the system will record and track your responses so that you and your Coach can monitor your compliance (you can see all your progress data in a special "Your Progress" area in your Dashboard.  Within this Review Card, there is also an overview of the workout programming in each phase, as well as a schedule/calendar so you know what to expect.  

* We strongly recommend that you complete our MSB Assessment before starting your online exercise programming and coaching journey.  The process is exceptionally educational (for both of us) and allows us to get to know YOU and your movement system capabilities more precisely.  We can even perform a modified MSB Assessment remotely via video conference (i.e. FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc.).  Welcome to the 21st century of fitness and performance coaching!