What is Personality?

To what degree does our personality govern or filter our perceptions and tilt us towards certain kinds of behaviour?  Or put another way, to what degree do our actions - great or small - emerge from the wellsprings of our personality?  Are there actual (observable and measurable) qualities each of us possess that are knowable through scientific research and from carefully observing ourselves and others, and can we use what we perceive about ourselves and other people to guide our personal choices and social interactions?  We think there are and that we can, and by exploring such questions, we can clarify some of the stranger aspects of our daily conduct and help you see yourself and other selves as somewhat less perplexing and hopefully more interesting.    

From Narratives to Neuroscience: Why Personality Matters 

The field of personality psychology is exceptionally vibrant and draws on contributions from a considerable range of disparate disciplines such as mythology, literature, philosophy, psychoanalysis, behaviourism, existentialism, neurobiology, economics, cognitive science etc. Attempting to acknowledge the validity and integrate as many of these disciplines as possible, expands our ability to make sense of the world and our role in it.  If our personality frames our perceptions or provides a lens through which to see and plan our lives, then the more we can understand and reason about our personality, the better chance we have to find and pursue a direction we value, tell coherent stories about ourselves, and create commensurate steps to meet our goals, all in the context of our social world. Furthermore, your capacity to understand personality - yours and others - undergirds your capacity to understand and empathize with others, predict their behaviour, understand their motivations, negotiate with them, listen to them, and formulate joint games with them so that you can integrate yourself reasonably well with other people - with a partner, with family, with coworkers, and within the broader society.

How our Personal Performance Coaches work with YOU

The word Phainesthai (the greek root word of phenomenon) means "shine forth" or "show/reveal itself."  This is the aim of a truly honest and open conversation between you and one of our Performance Coaches.  If you haven't read about what great coaching is all about yet, you can do so here.  It takes a level of trust and vulnerability to enter into such a dialogue with another because of what may be discovered - or unearthed.  But to do so may be the spark that is needed to ignite your fire and take your health and performance to another level.  Take a look at some of the services that we offer below, but make sure you head over to our Programs page to learn more about how we integrate these tools into a truly comprehensive, and transformative practice.  Or book an Alignment Session with one of our Coaches to learn how we can customize a Health and Performance Coaching Program that is perfect for you!

Self Authoring

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The Self-Authoring Suite is an online writing program divided into past, present and future modules designed to help you remember, articulate, and analyze key positive and negative life experiences; understand and rectify your personality faults, understand and develop your personality virtues, and envision a meaningful, healthy and productive future, three to five years down the road, and to develop a detailed, implementable plan to make that future a reality.  Read more here.

It is a self-paced, autonomous writing program developed by a group of clinical and research psychologists from the University of Toronto, McGill and Erasmus University who are distributing tools that will improve psychological and physical health to interested individuals everywhere.  We strongly recommend this process to everyone (working with us or not).  You may find, however, that communicating with one of our Performance Coaches throughout this process as a part of one of our Premium Integrated Programs or as a stand-alone service, enhances the experience.  You can read about how Coaching can bridge the gap between knowing and doing, and lead to extraordinary conversations and personal and professional development here.     

Herrman Brain Dominance Instrument

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The HBDI® is powerful psychometric assessment that defines and describes the way you think and process information.  It gives you insight into how you “see” the world, and why you value certain kinds of information over others.  With more than 2 million profiles completed, and over 35 years of research and innovation into how people think, the HBDI® is a valid, reliable measure of human mental preferences - or thinking preferences.  The awareness of one’s one thinking preferences, and the thinking preferences of others, combined with the ability to act outside of one’s thinking preferences is known as “Whole Brain® Thinking.”

After completing the assessment, a comprehensive HBDI® profile and report is generated that includes an in-depth interpretation of the results, reference material about the Whole Brain® Model, comparison data, and activities for further exploration and development.  To find out how our Certified HBDI® Practitioners and Coaches can use these data to facilitate powerful personal, interpersonal (using the HBDI® Pair Profile Report), and team (using the HBDI® Team Profile Report) coaching conversations and workshops, see our HBDI® Page or explore the Herrmann Solutions webpage for more detailed information.     

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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For more than 50 years, the MBTI® has been the most trusted and widely used assessment in the world for understanding yourself and the individuals in your organization.  Backed by thousands of research studies, the MBTI® has been found to be reliable and valid in assessing personality.  More than two million assessments are administered annually in the United States and Canada alone.

We have found the MBTI® to be a powerful and versatile indicator of personality type and team behaviour for organizations large and small.  It can help individuals and teams understand their natural preferences and the gaps that exist that may cause conflict.  Understanding these preferences can go a long way towards helping people manage difficult situations, conversations, and decisions.

To learn more about how our MBTI® qualified Performance Coaches can help and to set-up a FREE Alignment Session, click the link below.