Scott Lahey
Health and Performance Coach

Scott's Education and Certifications:

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Megan Lahey
Business Operations

To steal the line from Swingers, ‘you’re so money and you don’t even know it.’ Seriously Scotty, who’s a better trainer than you? No one, that’s who!
— Jamal Worobec
I love working out on a regular basis, but accumulated injuries have really cramped my options. Since starting with Scott I have been able to work progressively harder with no physical setbacks and that is really exciting!
— Michelle Deyholos

Associate Coaches and Strategic Partners

Tim Borys

Amber Kendall
Massage Therapist

Functional Anatomy Seminars
Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist Certification 


Dr. Glen Hawkins

Martin Zacharias
Physical Therapist

Leadersearch Inc.     Coaching/Workshops


Dr Murray Hebert

Nutrition & Supplement Research 

Titleist Performance Institute      Golf Fitness Certification