What is Health and Performance Coaching?

Great coaches ask great questions, and by doing so awaken people to possibilities they have not yet considered.  But beyond encouraging self-exploration and discovery, coaching is a human communication and change process dedicated to enabling profound and lasting transformations in a persons' self-defined goals; it encourages and stimulates a person to perform at a higher level while accelerating their development and unleashing their latent potential.

As the demands of modern life become more and more challenging, many of us are scrambling for answers and seeking support.  Health and Performance Coaching can help us make order out of the chaos, create fresh and exciting perspectives, encourage personal growth, health and flourishing, and commit to potent action.  Fundamentally, great coaches can help us bridge the gap between WHO and HOW we are currently, and WHO and HOW we want to be in our personal and professional lives.

The words "health" and "performance" specify the aim or target our coaching process is attempting to effectuate.  We believe that our physical, mental, emotional, and interpersonal health and performance is paramount to the way we experience our lives, but most of us don't take the time to ask ourselves what optimal health and performance in each of those domains might look and feel like.

  • How would you describe your current health?
  • How would others describe your performance?
  • What skills and habits do you need to practice in order to achieve a higher level of health and performance?
  • What one small behavioural change will result in the biggest benefit?

These are some of the thought-provoking questions that a health and performance coach might ask you to answer and work with you towards accomplishing.  

He who has a why to live, can bear almost any how.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Our Mission

We don't profess to have all the answers.  And we certainly don't assume to know exactly what is going to help you before we speak with you.  Our intention is to connect with you, to be invited to be a partner in your developmental journey, and to help you orient towards your highest potential and to facilitate exceptional health and performance.

By integrating the sciences of human movement, nutrition and personality psychology with the art of coaching and human development, we strive to help individuals and organizations understand and improve their personality, envision and design a radically healthier, more meaningful and productive future, and to learn and practice evidence-based exercise and nutrition habits to help make that future a reality.

The winds and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.
— Edward Gibbon