Solving The Physical Preparation Challenges of Developing Youth Athletes

The Challenge

The physical demands of modern sports and the expectations of youth (and adult) athletes today are extraordinary.  These demands place extraordinary stress on developing and fully grown bodies alike, leading athletes, coaches, and strength and conditioning professionals struggling for answers to some pertinent questions:    

  • Is your body physically prepared to do what you want it to do?

  • Does it move, bend, twist, flex, extend, absorb/generate force, and perform the way you hope it will on the field, court, course, or stage?

  • Is it optimally balanced to handle the loads, forces, motions, and insults that you ask it to handle on a day to day basis?

  • Is it recovering well between bouts of practice, training, or competitions, or is it responding in kind with pain, inflammation, stiffness, and dysfunction?

The Solution 

Our Movement System Balance approach is an advanced movement assessment and training system intended to assess and address/enhance the following:

  • Overall body awareness and control

  • Mobility and flexibility

  • Joint health, strength, and integrity

  • Fluidity and ease of movement

  • Functional balance and stability

  • Force production, agility, and power

  • Resilience to injury

  • Sport or athletic performance

Who We Work With

  • We work with athletes of all ages and skill levels, helping to optimally prepare their bodies for the demands and challenges of their sport/activities.

  • We work individual athletes, small groups, and teams in order to optimize their training protocols and maximize their health and performance.

  • We work with coaches, clubs, and organizations involved in the development of youth athletes to assist in their physical education and preparation strategies.

  • We have worked with National Team and Professional athletes as well as aspiring young athletes and more senior athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

How We Work With Athletes, Teams, and Clubs

  • We provide comprehensive objective measures of an athletes' movement quality and capacity for each and every relevant articulation (see our MSBA page).

  • Using a variety of training inputs based on scientific principles and research such as Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®), we are able to directly address and improve an athlete’s specific deficits (read more about FRC® here).

  • We design and monitor individualized MSB Training programs, Team MSB Training programs and periodized Yearly Training Plans.

  • We facilitate a variety of educational, fun, and practical workshops for athletes, teams, and clubs looking to understand and incorporate our MSB and FRC® systems, optimize sport nutrition practices, or to learn the best goal-setting and robust learning strategies to maximize motivation, adherence, and development.


For youth athletes, teams, and clubs

For adult athletes of all ages

For sport-specific athlete development